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5IN1 for 3080mAh LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS)
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AceSoft Battery + AC/USB Charger + micro USB Cable + Stand Holder for LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS)
AceSoft 5 Accessory bundle
for LG Optimus L9
Package includes:   2 x 3080 mAh Battery
    1 x USB/AC Desktop Charger
    1 x Suction Ball Stand Holder
    1 x Micro USB Cable 3 Feet
     Cellphone not included
Low LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS) charger sale MetroPCS LG Optimus L9 , MS769 Battery best discount LG MS769(MetroPCS) Suction Ball Stand Holder deal
LG LG Optimus L9 Travel charger best low MetroPCS LG Optimus L9 , MS769 standard battery deal LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS) Stander battery
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Compatible with: LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS)
  Cheap LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS)  Desktop Charger buy LG MS769(MetroPCS) Battery best  
  This battery charger comes with

Battery charger and USB port can work simultaneously.
  Charge a battery in the slot and in the same time charge your USB device thru USB Port.
  an USB outlet which could also
be used for various cell phones,
as long as the cell phone could
be charged thru an USB port.
Package Description
AceSoft 3080mAh Li_ion Battery
buy MetroPCS LG Optimus L9 , MS769 high power battery
deal LG MS769(MetroPCS) oem battery
Battery package might vary
* This battery has the same dimension as your stock battery.
* You do not need a special back cover to use it.
* Brand : AceSoft * Voltage: 3.8V.
* Battery Capacity no less than: 3080mAh * High quality Li-Ion battery.
* Battery Type: Lithium Ion.  
* Integrated microchip prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life.
* Our battery is sent out with little or no power, so please charge it for about
  6 - 12 hours before using.
* The battery operation time depends on conditions such as: Transmitting
  power level, Signal (distance between the phone and the base station),
  Network parameters defined by the operator.
* This Battery could also be charged in the phone directly thru the cell
  phone charger .
AC/USB desktop battery charger
Quantity: 1
LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS) accessory sales LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS) wall charger best cheap LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS) accessory
* Charge your cell phone battery without the phone. LED charging indicator
* Also work with OEM (original) battery.
* Quick charge with automatic constant current control prevents battery
  from over charging, short circuit, and electronic shock.
* Small and compact, perfect accessory for traveling.Designed to charge battery quickly and safely.
* This charger will never overcharge your battery, prolong the life and performance of the battery.
* LED charging light indicator. Turn red in charging, turn blue when done.
* Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 150mAh.
* Output: DC 4.35V 600mAh ± 50mA.
* USB Port Output: 5.2V 800mAh.
* Use this charger to charge the stock battery as well, swap one out when
  the other dies .
USB Data Sync Charging Cable ( 3 feet )
QTY: 1
* Color: Purple
* New generic 2 in 1 Data/Charging USB Cable.
* Provides high-speed data transfer rates. Software is not included.
* Charging your Cell phone by connecting this charging cable to our Wall charger or
  USB car charger.
* Provides data transfer, syncing functions in between your cell phone and your PC or
  laptop via USB port.
LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS) Micro USB Cable BEST SALE MetroPCS LG Optimus L9 , MS769 Micro USB Cable BUY LG MS769(MetroPCS) Micro USB Cable sales
CHEAP LG Optimus L9 Micro USB Cable BUY LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS) USB Cable MetroPCS LG Optimus L9 , MS769 Micro USB Cable BEST
* Links up your computer with your phone,which allows you to backup phonebook
  and contacts,store pictures, transfer music files,ringtones and games,and synchronize important data quickly and easily.
Suction Ball Stand Holder
Quantity: 1
LG Optimus L9 holder BEST BUY LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS) holder CHEAP MetroPCS LG Optimus L9 , MS769 Suction Ball Stand Holder
* Color: Purple.
* Remove without any mark.
* Colorful rubber octopus suction stand holder.
* Can be applied, removed very easily.
* The suction rubber stand helps to lift the
  screen up.
* The suction mount is strong to hold any phone
  and mp3, mp4.
LG MS769(MetroPCS) holder BEST
* Will NOT work on rubberized surface.
* Compact & light weight comparing to traditional stands.

Allows you to enjoy videos and games on the screens at the right, adjustable angle.

* The angles of the screens can be adjusted by changing the placement of the
  suction rubber stands.
* Can also be applied to cameras and many other electronic items such as ebook,
  portable monitors.

5IN1 for 3080mAh LG Optimus L9 , MS769(MetroPCS)
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